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VIP jets of Russian production

Yak-40 VIP

Yak-40 VIP can be used for comfortable transportation of 9-15 passengers in one or two cabin configuration up to 2,000 km. Regions available for flights: Russia and CIS countries. Among the aircraft advantages are excellent aerodynamics, low wing loading, high lift force, and high efficiency.

TU-134 VIP

ТU-134 became the most popular jet for short and medium haul aviation. Different jet variants in VIP configuration are in high demand and the best solution for transportation of groups (40 passengers maximum) up to 3,200 km.

Yak-42Д VIP

Yak-42D can be used for domestic and international flights with haul up to 4,100 km. According to the level of passengers’ comfort, Yak-42D jets in VIP configuration are the most luxurious among all Russian aircrafts and excel a number of foreign analogs.

TU-204 VIP

The TU-204 aircraft in the VIP layout has a spacious passenger cabin divided into several VIP zones: a club area, a main passenger's office, a conference room, a bedroom and a business class lounge. The aircraft is designed to transport large groups of passengers over considerable distances.


The Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ 100 VIP), designed for VIP-passengers by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, belongs to the Ultra Large class — the top category, which features a spacious cabin and long-range capabilities.

The SSJ100 VIP is based on the SSJ100/95LR platform and can be additionally equipped with extra fuel tanks in cargo compartment, built-in airstairs and Satcom system (satellite communications system).

According to the SSJ100 VIP’s cabin volume (118.7 m3), only business jets, based on medium-haul aircrafts, are larger, e.g., the Boeing Business Jet, based on the Boeing 737, and the Airbus Corporate Jet, based on the A320.

The SSJ100 VIP ensures enough space for comfortable transportation of up to 19 passengers. VIP standard configuration offers 2 zones in the front part of the cabin: one of which has a three-place divan and a two-chair club section, while business zone provides six-chair club section with tables. Behind a partition, there is an office for the head with a desk and 3 chairs. Behind another partition, at the tail unit, there is a lounge with a double bed and 2 chairs.