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Business Aircraft Management



  • BOSS AERO offers a comprehensive private / corporate jet management program;
  • Our program for minimization of aircraft maintenance costs allows significant aircraft operation costs reduction;
  • BOSS AERO provides prompt 24-hour organization of private aircraft owners' flights.

Scope of Services:

  • Selection of the aircraft operating airline which meets the requirements and standards of safe and cost-effective operation and maintenance of the jet.
  • Development of the contract scheme, which will regulate aircraft operation and commercial usage; definition and agreement of the main terms and conditions.
  • Transfer of the aircraft to the operator under the operating contract.
  • Agreement of plans for aircraft maintenance, technical support of airframe, engines, avionics, provision of spare parts and units.  
  • Agreement of the terms of the line and periodic aircraft maintenance.
  • Provision of aircraft location.
  • Selection of flight and technical experts (pilots, flight attendants, engineers, and technicians) and organization of their initial and scheduled training.
  • Provision of all types of insurance, including KASKO aircraft insurance.
  • Supervision of airline activity to ensure that they observe all flight safety requirements, operation rules, and use aircraft appropriately.
  • Monitoring of expenses and on-time maintenance, validity of unit replacement and additional technical work.
  • Organization of the aircraft commercial use in order to reduce indirect expenses of the Owner.
  • Flight coordination and planning on the Owner’s demand, and in case of the commercial use.
  • Monitoring of validity of aircraft maintenance and flight operation costs, as well as commercial flight income.
  • Preparation of final reports for the Owners on financial outcomes of their aircraft operation.