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Consulting services for the purchase (sale) of a private jet


Works performed by BOSS AERO:

  • Coordination of technical specifications for the jet selection;
  • Consultations regarding the technical characteristics of the jet and their economic efficiency;
  • Professional selection and evaluation of the jet;
  • Consideration of several options that meet the technical requirements;
  • Studying the flight history of the sold jet;
  • Organization of inspection and revision of the jet by certified specialists;
  • Drawing up a technical conclusion;
  • Organization of an jet purchase financing program;
  • Coordination and signing of a contract for the acquisition of an jet;
  • Legal support;
  • Organization of work to bring the jet in accordance with the requirements of the aviation authorities;
  • Obtaining an export certificate of airworthiness;
  • Organization of the flight to the home airport;
  • Registration of jet in the aviation authorities;
  • Jet transfer to a new technical operator;
  • Discussion and coordination of issues related to the jet operation;
  • Selection and training of flight technical personnel;
  • Organization of jet technical support at the airport.