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Corporate Air Charter


We will be glad to arrange air charter for a large group of employees of your corporation, firm or bank, your sport team or fan group, your television company or orchestra, shift crews of sea crafts.

What does it gives?

You are given a temporary use of the whole plane. You will not depend on the schedule of regular flights and will be able to plan with the help of professionals the best route and flight schedule, choose the plane and a convenient airport of departure. Corporate Charter guarantees timely arrival at the destination and frees you from the mass of inconvenience and the need to wait at the airport.

To perform a corporate Charter flight, we offer aircraft of foreign and Russian production, various modifications and layouts of salons.

Group Charter carries out transportation of 15 or more passengers. We offer our customers Boeing and Airbus Airliners of various modifications, Russian Yak-40, YAK-42D, TU-154M, TU-204/214, Sukhoi Superjet 100, in various layouts of economic and business class.

Your personal Manager will organize a group (corporate) Charter and will take over its full support:

  • Pick up and rent a plane;
  • Will agree with You all conditions of flight;
  • Arrange for service of passengers and Luggage at airports (you may need to order a VIP or business Lounges);
  • Organizes transfers for passengers to the airport and hotel;
  • Order on-Board meals according to the wishes and class of passengers;
  • If necessary, your group Charter will be accompanied by an employee of our company as a flight Manager to promptly solve the issues of the General organization of the flight and provide additional services.

Application for group (corporate) Charter

To organize a group (corporate) Charter You need to provide the following information:

  • flight route
  • airports of departure and destination (if there are several);
  • date and time of departure;
  • number of passengers;
  • class of passenger service;
  • type of food;
  • the required type of aircraft and your coordinates for communication.

You contact the Manager of our company by phone or leave a request on our website. Next, the responsible employee will ask a few clarifying questions necessary for the calculation of the cost of the flight and the formation of the proposal.