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Medical Air Charter


Health is the most valuable thing a person has. BOSS AERO will take You to the treatment from anywhere in the world.

For medical transportation of patients, our company uses specialized medical aircraft equipped with modern medical equipment, recumbent places for patients, places for accompanying, with a team of experienced doctors on Board.

Upon receipt of the application, we will promptly:

ensure the readiness of the aircraft for departure;

organize operational interaction with clinics and services of airports of departure and arrival;

perform medical transportation of patients by ambulance with medical support to the aircraft ladder and from the aircraft to the medical facility.

Since the organization of a medical Charter is always urgent, we ask our customers to provide the following information to promptly resolve the issue of transportation:

  • flight route;
  • current status of the patient;
  • medical report and doctor's permission for air transportation;
  • passport data of the patient and accompanying persons;
  • availability of valid visas (for transportation abroad);
  • contacts of the receiving patient.

Air ambulance — medical air transportation of patients around the world

BOSS AERO company provides a range of services for medical air transportation of patients around the world.

Air ambulance comes to the rescue when the efficiency and literacy of medical personnel can be a decisive factor in the preservation of human health or life.

Medical air evacuation is a prompt and optimal response, timely and urgent medical care of high qualification.

Without any doubt, medical aviation is indispensable in cases where the patient needs transportation in the shortest possible time and over long distances. Especially if a person is in a serious or extremely serious condition. Quite often it is necessary emergency care surgeon. Do not do in such cases, and without a traumatologist and resuscitator to prepare a person for urgent transportation or emergency surgery.

The company BOSS AERO at any time ready to organize a flight to anywhere in the world on specially equipped medical jets or helicopters. To do this, we have specially equipped medical jets and helicopters. For comfortable and safe transportation of patients to the aircraft, clinic or hospital, we use equipped with all necessary reanimobiles, which will take them directly to the plane.

Medical air flight is carried out by flight personnel of the highest qualification, having special training and experience in transportation of seriously ill patients, speaking Russian, English and other languages. During transportation to the aircraft and the patient's flight, experienced resuscitation teams accompany the patient, who monitor the patient's condition and carry out all necessary procedures to ensure the patient's life.

All resuscitation aircraft and helicopters that we provide to our customers are equipped with modern reliable medical equipment and a set of all necessary medicines.

Types of medical air transportation

Linear sanitary flights

It is used for transportation of patients of moderate severity by air Charter or regular flights of Russian and foreign airlines (our partners). The aircraft has a stretcher bed and the necessary special equipment. The patient in flight is accompanied by a specialist of the corresponding profile. Most often, the patient is separated from the rest of the passengers by a special partition.

Resuscitation flights

Used for emergency delivery of patients in serious or extremely serious condition to the destination. Such a flight of air ambulance is carried out on ultra-modern aircraft equipped with the most modern medical systems. In flight, the patient is accompanied by an intensive care team. The patient is accompanied to the medical aircraft or helicopter from the medical institution and upon arrival the patient is delivered to the appropriate medical center on a special ambulance.

Emergency medical air transportation

This type of air ambulance allows you to save a person's life in cases when the transportation by using surface transport is not possible. A striking example is the evacuation of victims from dangerous or inaccessible places and areas. Most often, emergency medical evacuation by aircraft is carried out on a specially equipped helicopter with a team of trained resuscitators for these cases.

Shuttle medical evacuation

This type of medical transportation is characterized by the fact that the resuscitation machine is loaded on Board a cargo plane or helicopter. This evacuation method is used for patients who are in a serious or extremely serious condition. And also during the evacuation from places where there are no ambulances designed to transport the seriously ill to the airport.

Medical air support

Medical aviation support is used for transportation to permanent residence of elderly or seriously ill people with constant medical support. In this case, the flight is carried out by a regular flight, but the patient is accompanied by a specialized doctor or paramedic, familiar with the diagnosis and history of the patient, and most importantly having a full set of medicines and equipment necessary for urgent medical care. We take into account the age characteristics of the patient and do everything possible to make the elderly feel comfortable in long flights.

The benefits of working with BOSS AERO

Efficiency – the crews of our resuscitation aircraft and helicopters are in constant high readiness for departure. We know the price of each minute and therefore are ready to prepare the crew and the plane for the patient's reception on Board and urgent departure, providing the fastest possible transportation of the patient.

The absence of bureaucratic delays. To speed up and freely pass passport control, we carry out a green corridor. Our doctors go through border, passport and customs control together with the patient. As a result, the patient is delivered directly to the aircraft, bypassing the General path of long-term control.

We have more than 350 partners around the world, cooperate with leading clinics in Russia and abroad. Therefore, in the shortest possible time we can carry out direct negotiations with medical centers and organize the hospitalization of the patient in a specialized hospital or clinic, taking into account the diagnosis of the patient and the severity of his condition.

We will provide full ground transportation of the patient with the use of appropriate medical personnel and sanitary reanimobile with specialized equipment.